JW Wine Event at City Winery

This year you didn’t want to miss The Jewish Week Wine Tasting event that took place March 12th at City Winery, NYC. It was quite an auspicious time for wine connoisseurs and lovers of the vine alike. With over two hundred varied kosher wines to taste from you couldn’t help but get a little gay! Not to mention an array of aged cheeses, flakey Israeli hor d’oeuvres, and artisan sweets from local kosher bakeries. The air was light and the crowd of wine tasters was diverse. Conversations about religion and ethics partnered with the clinging of svelt wine glasses almost like a dance in the spacious City Winery floors. The different age demographics made for a fun mix, pairing young with middle aged, senior with young professional.
          A particularly fascinating brand that peaked my interest was De La Rosa Foods and Vineyards. Not only was their   Ur Kasdim sparkling sweet wine superb,it had a sophisticated simplicity to it that I have not tasted in a very long time, not to mention all their wines and virgin oils are non GMO and organic whenever possible. There were tables upon tables showcasing and offering tastes of the different wines from countries around the world. From Italy to California. Australia to France. Israel to  Austria, we as patrons had our senses delighted and pallets quenched. 
Join Kosherguru and the Jewish Week Wine Tasting Event next year and make sure you keep your glass on the half full side! 
Article by Ariel Florian 
Photo credit to Ariel Florian and Yochanon Franco 

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