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By Kosher Guru / August 19, 2018

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It has been reported to us that the original deal has fallen through as the debts are in the $30 Million range. As other investors and industry insiders have been contacted to make a bid to hopefully purchase the conglomerate, we are now told it will be heading into bankruptcy, we truly hope a buyer is found to save these fantastic establishments that are well served by our communities.   

Rumors have been on the streets for a long time that Seasons Supermarkets have been in financial trouble. Despite any false rumors that they would remain in business and that all was fine, the facts were out and clear. For weeks meats were not filling the refrigerated section and deliveries were slowing down.

A meeting took place in Loch Sheldrake recently with big names like Yossi Rubashkin and Ari Chitrick along with others to discuss the potential of taking it over before the coming Rosh Hashana. As we’ve been told Yossi who is bringing many competent managerial staff to the front will be able to bring these stores up to their potential. Yossi Rubashkin has a nitch for buying failing businesses and turning them around. Lawrence Garber, the original owner of Super Sol who sold to Seasons will be taking back the Scarsdale store along with money owed to him. Rubashkin and Chitrick are looking to sell some of the other Seasons like the ones located in Lakewood, Baltimore and the one in Cleveland that never made it to their debut opening will not be opening. 

We will update you along the way with the ins and outs of all the talk within the industry. We are looking forward to seeing how this all will play out. Stay tuned as there are some very interesting news that will take place within the Seasons chain, we are even told as of today this entire deal may have fallen through and everyone is back to square one. We wish all the current and future operators and future buy outs much Hatzlacha and good Mazal with the coming new year!

We have been contacted by Heller, Horowitz & Feit, P.C. who are counsel to Kissena Glatt Farms, LLC and its owner, Mr. Aron Hirtz. They have stated that “contrary to the factual assertion in the article, our clients (i) did not “put in a bid” for the store; and (ii) are not “desperate to buy it.” They demand that we immediately remove the reference to their clients in the article and publish a statement  acknowledging that the initial reference to their clients in the article and publish a statement acknowledging that the initial reference was in error and that we regret the mistake.   

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