Abigael’s now at MSG

There are a few times within the year I absolutely look forward too. One of them is my annual trip to Madison Square Garden. Yes, it’s the home of the NBA Knicks and like most people in the crowd last night the NHL Rangers. But I went to watch the Winnipeg Jets ? rock it out!

And let me tell you it was a triple whammy! For starters, it’s a tradition I have with my son, KG2. Every year they come to town we go to the game together. Secondly, THEY WON! And lastly of course almost as important as the other two…Great food options!

Long gone are the days of sneaking soggy sandwiches while enjoying a game. Now, you don’t just have to settle for basic overpriced kosher concession food at Madison Square Garden. With Abigael’s by Jeff Nathan you never get basic.

Their delicious and extensive menu (for a concession stand remember) is loaded with numerous classic and healthy options.
Sushi! I mean sushi at a sports game! That’s just some of the Grab-n-Go options they carry. Others include their Southwestern Salad and a delicious Pecan Salad topped with apples and fennel dressed with a Cranberry Vinaigrette.

Now let’s get serious here, my boy KG2 is a growing young man. He’s got to eat right. And what else should he eat then a good ol’ pastrami sandwich and a fat juicy sausage. Apparently I’m still growing too, because I couldn’t resist eating the exact same thing!
The thinly sliced pastrami was loaded into the sandwich. The tenderness of the meat melted in our mouths. The only communication we were able to do was make humming sounds from enjoyment. The juicy sweet Italian sausage was topped by a mountain  of sautéed onions, peppers, sauerkraut and mustard. The flavors mixing together in my mouth was UhMazing!

That’s a win for father/son time, a win for the Winnipeg Jets and a win for our bellies! Make sure to check out Abigael’s by Jeff Nathan’s kosher food stand at MSG while you cheer on your favorite teams and tell me all about your winning experience!

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