Monsey is Rolling Smoke

IZZY LOVES US! With 306 BBQ’s “smokin” boss Izzy Weiss we keep coming back for more deliciousness and I guarantee you will too. 
As you open the door and enter the nicely decorated hot spot in Monsey, NY you are greeted by the wafting aromas. You can practically taste the flavors in your mouth. You KNOW you stepped in to what’s going to be a superb meal! The menu board is clear and easy to follow. The servers are eager to please. They really aim to make everyone happy, feel welcomed and have the utmost delectable experience. 
The Second Cut Brisket we had was juicy and excellent. The Pastrami was hands down the best I’ve ever had. The Chicken Fingers were legit insane and the Chicken Sandwich was tender and so filling! Don’t be fooled to not order poultry in a BBQ joint. There’s nothing ordinary about this place! Everything was finger lickin’ good! They have a very large and nice sitting area along with a cool chill area with couches. Kosher BBQ has a new boss in town and that’s Izzy along with the entire crew of 306 BBQ! They are making moves in the Kosher BBQ arena surely to be the destination spot for BBQ aficionados. Monsey’s in da house…or as we really should call it ‘in da pit’! And we’ve got Izzy to thank for that!
306 BBQ
☎️ 845-777-9227 

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