STREATS Food+Drink Coming to the 5 Towns

Take two talented brothers who are rocking the food industry by storm + an amazing location you get STREATS Food + Drink. The Safaniev brothers are innovative and proving more and more they deliver quality and great experiences. Over the last 2 years their other high-end restaurants, Cork & Slice (dairy) and Doma Land + Sea (meat) have become the talk of the 5 Towns and must go-to for out of towners. I can assure you their concept for STREATS (STReet + EATS= I appreciate some good creativity!) which will highlight all sorts of international street food must-haves will be a more affordable option than their sister restaurants and become a regular spot for all ages. This ‘Dream Team’ has given nothing less than outstanding ingredients and quality service. Now with STREATS coming to town, we’ll get all that AND a variety in menu choices (to be announced) which will include chicken, beef and vegetarian options. This new spot which is expected to make its grand opening in the next 3 months will be conveniently located right around the corner from the other 2 locations at what used to be Hapina Restaurant on Cedarhurst Avenue in Cedarhurst. Looking forward to rock this joint out!

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