Kosher For Passover Pet Food

Because our pets are part of our
family, why stress on how they’ll be fed this Pesach. For the FIRST TIME EVER Kosher Paws is a Kosher for Passover pet food certified by the OU. Understanding that everyone holds differently over Pesach, Kosher Paws has no Kitniot and is non-Gebrokts. You may not be eating it, but you can be stress free knowing it can be stored anywhere in your house over the holiday. Only wanting the best for our pets, Kosher Paws is a single ingredient pet food with absolutely no artificial additives inside. With Pesach around the corner you’ll want to place your order fast for your furry friends! Place your order today at WWW.KOSHERPAWS.COM or call (718)200-9070. For any questions email

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