Guru News: Diet Fads Come & Go – Easy Made, Easy Rolled & More

Diet Fads Come & Go

Like many in most families we all have some with allergies and have tried so many diets and trends to try and lose weight and hopefully get in shape, we try and jump on the next big fad bandwagon.


Gluten-free diets are losing ground and fast. After analyzing data from more than 100,000 adults over a period of 35 years, new research shows that those with more gluten in their diets were at less risk for coronary heart disease. The study, published in British Medical Journal, indicated that unless someone has a serious gluten intolerance or celiac disease, they should not avoid gluten, however intriguing a gluten-free diet might sound. The claims about gluten-free diets are substantial. People go gluten-free to lose weight, to get rid of intestinal problems, to feel less bloated, and be less tired. Those with autoimmune disorders (not limited to celiac disease) are sometimes advised to limit it to cut inflammation. Gluten consumption has even been tied to depression. In 2015, a Gallup poll found that 21 percent of American adults have attempted to follow a gluten-free diet. However, only 1 percent of Americans are diagnosed with celiac disease, and only up to 6 percent might be sensitive to gluten without celiac. It's definitely a fad, and a controversial one. But for those with real intolerance, or persistence in fad dieting, naturally gluten-free whole grains—like brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat—exist. Anything for a healthy heart.

Easy Made, Easy Rolled

Shavuos is one of my favorite holidays on the calendar, receiving the Torah from Hashem is so special and spending time with the family making yummy dairy dishes including my favorite blintzes is fabulous. The painstaking part of the process is actually preparing the crepes and making them to fill and roll for all my yummy creative blintzes we make every year and we always try new flavors and fillings. Recently my dilemma has been cured when I stumbled upon the all new Chopsie’s Crepes being sold retail now in your local supermarkets. With these Chopsie’s crepes, all I do is open the package, put one in a pan to warm, fill them with my homemade yummy fillings and fold them making the perfect blintze ever!

Interesting Fun Food Fact

Almonds are a member of the peach family.

Kashrus Notice

Please be advised that Giusto Sapore Sweet Stuffed Cherry Peppers of Just-Ryt Foods Inc./South Florida Imports, Fort Lauderdale, FL. mistakenly bear an OK kosher symbol. This product is NOT KOSHER.

Sliming Desserts

Getting my health game on strong, I have been eating better and healthier recently, but still need some great desserts. Speaking with friends, they steered me towards which offer delicious healthy dessert options kosher certified under the OU and CRC Hisachdus. I fell in love with their jumbo black & white cookies along with the cookies and brownies that are half the amount of calories than other and are fat free and now get them at my local supermarket. They also have a great line of low-carb and sugar-free ones that make eating healthy so easy and being approved by nutritionist Shani Taub makes me feel better about eating them.

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