Guru News: Grandma Cooks Gourmet – Get Me That Yuca Now & More


In this weeks Guru News we have three different articles for you we are talking about the Grandma Cooks Gourment, we talk about brand new bgan yuca steak fries and yo bars to the max + Kashrus Notice


Grandma Cooks Gourmet

“Grandma Cooks Gourmet” was published in 2016 as a project of Shorashim — an Israeli non-profit organization that works with two populations, the elderly and Ethiopians — that brought together elderly Holocaust survivors and Israeli chefs, creating classic dishes from the survivors’ kitchens, modernized by their partnering chef. It has already won several cookbook awards in Israel, and was shortlisted with nine others in Gourmand’s Best Cookbook in the World category, and with four others in the charity category.Each recipe included in the book also tells the personal histories of the survivors and chefs, with artwork provided by the country’s best food photographers. The list of participating chefs included Meir Adoni, Eyal Shani, Shalom Kadosh, Moshe Segev, Omer Miller, Nir Tzuk, Ezra Kedem, Miki Shemo and Orna v’Ella.All proceeds from the cookbook go to funding for Holocaust survivors; all participants volunteered their time and efforts.All the people involved in the book are on sitting on schpielkes now as its time for the 24 elderly Holocaust survivors and Israeli chefs who worked together on the cookbook which has been named by Gourmand International as a contender for the Best Cookbook in the World category and charity category.The winners will be announced at ceremonies on May 27 and 28, held in Yantai Wine Bay in China.

Get Me That Yuca Now!

Shopping the other week I found this brand new product from B’gan that looked so cool, I just had to have it! Yuca Steak Cut fries and they were delicious! What is Yuca also known as Cassava? Great question, it is a long tuberous starchy root about two inches around and eight inches long. The root has a brown fibrous skin and snowy white interior flesh. Because it bruises easily, it’s often sold covered in a protective wax coating. Cassava is native to Brazil and the tropical areas of the Americas. It’s widely grown all over Latin America and the Caribbean. It was, and still is, an essential root vegetable in the Caribbean diet. Yucca has many health benefits as well and they made an excellent side dish for all. Fried or baked, this new item is a winner!

Interesting Fun Food Fact

Onion is Latin for large pearl.

Yo Bars to the Max!

I found Mehadrin Yo Bars a few months ago and fell for them as it has become my go to snack in the car and on the go. Comprised of Greek yogurt and covered in a thin dark chocolate layer, Yobar is a unique and exciting addition to the cholov Yisroel health food market. It is created through a process involving straining water from yogurt to obtain a strong consistency, and there you get your Yobar packed with over 25 billion probiotics so much protein and only 120 calories! So how it could possible get any better? With the introduction of two new and exciting flavors, Hazenut & Coffee, there was just made a better place for all!

Please be advised that until recently the OK certified organic and non-organic carrots from Baldor Specialty Foods. Please note that since Baldor is now receiving carrots from Israel, the OK will not be certifying Baldor’s carrots for the foreseeable future.

Pots Fall Sale

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