Ungar’s Coconut Cinnamon Apple Tarts

Ok really short on time here and as you know I’m a really busy guy. I don’t like taking short cuts but sometimes I kind of just have no choice.Well when its erev shabbos, and you find out you are having last minute guests, I turn to Ungar's products to save me and my reputation.


No Ungar’s, isn’t just gefilite fish they have so many great products out there distributed by Quality Frozen Foods and the two that I used for this quick semi-homemade dessert are their mini tart shells, which look so impressive and their apple pie filling. I make a quick delicious homemade coconut cinnamon crumble bake for about a half hour and serve with some ice cream and some caramel sauce and viola an impressive dessert even a guru like me can enjoy. Do you Guru?


Ungar’s Coconut Cinnamon Apple Tarts
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  1. Ungar’s tart shells (12)
  2. Ungar’s apple pie filling
  3. ¼ cup flour
  4. ¼ cup sugar
  5. ¼ cup brown sugar
  6. 2 dashes cinnamon
  7. 1 ½ tbsp coconut oil
  1. Break apple pie filling up with a fork or a spoon so that it has smaller chunks
  2. Place apple filling into tart shells
  3. Combine all crumble ingredients in a bowl until it resembles coarse crumbs
  4. Place tarts on a cookie sheet to bake
  5. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of crumble on top of each tart
  6. Bake at 350 for about 25- 30 minutes and tart shells are lightly browned
  7. Serve with your favorite ice cream and caramel sauce
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