Just Fruit Bars – Kosher For Passover

By kosherguru / April 22, 2016


Just Fruit Bars – Kosher For Passover
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  1. Dried apples about 8 oz
  2. Dried mango about 6 oz
  3. (Does not need to be exact)
  1. Directions
  2. Place both dried mango and apples in the food processor fitted with a metal s blade.
  3. Pulse until it forms small pieces that stick together can take up to 5 minutes depending on strength of your food processor.
  4. Empty contents onto parchment paper and smush to form a rectangle about 12 by 5 inches and ½ inch thick don’t worry if you don’t get this exact measurement can be a 4 by 8 rectangle it’s all good we are not learning math here.
  5. With a sharp knife cut into bars to form about a 1.5 by 5 inch bar, I got about 8 bars but if you cut thicker or thinner you can end up with more or less.
  6. Individually wrap for easy transport.
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