Just Fruit Bars – Kosher For Passover

By kosherguru / April 22, 2016

Ok I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head and I’m just thinking about snacks. Something healthy quick and easy and at this time of the year an added bonus to be kosher for Pasach too.


I’m going away and I got a whole week of chol hamoed to run around with the family. Finding easy snacks that I like, and my kids approve of too, are hard when it’s not Pesach.  So I thought about these bars and came up with something so easy yet so amazing any adult will love, and kids won’t be able to put down.

Best of all its 2 ingredients and no measuring or cooking involved. Only thing you need that’s special is a food processor fitted with a metal S blade. These bars are just fruit bars made with dried apples and mangos. I just took 1 package of dried apples and one package of dried mango. I found dried fruits without any sugar added so it’s raw, vegan, and has only natural sugars so how can it be bad right? I just opened my packages and put both fruits together in the food processor and let the blades do their magic. After about 3 minutes I had small pieces of both dried mango and apple that were sticking together. I emptied the contents onto parchment paper and smushed them into a rectangle about 12’’ by 5‘’so it’s long and narrow and about half inch thick. It’s cool if your rectangle is smaller or larger, there is no need to be exact. Just make sure it all sticks together. With a knife I cut about every 1.5 inches so I got 8 bars that I ended up individually wrapping. I already sent them with my kids to school. They can’t get enough! Guess what neither can I. I hope you enjoy these yummy treats and think of the Kosher Guru when you eat one of my just fruit bars on your busy chol hamoed trips. Do you Guru?


Just Fruit Bars – Kosher For Passover
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  1. Dried apples about 8 oz
  2. Dried mango about 6 oz
  3. (Does not need to be exact)
  1. Directions
  2. Place both dried mango and apples in the food processor fitted with a metal s blade.
  3. Pulse until it forms small pieces that stick together can take up to 5 minutes depending on strength of your food processor.
  4. Empty contents onto parchment paper and smush to form a rectangle about 12 by 5 inches and ½ inch thick don’t worry if you don’t get this exact measurement can be a 4 by 8 rectangle it’s all good we are not learning math here.
  5. With a sharp knife cut into bars to form about a 1.5 by 5 inch bar, I got about 8 bars but if you cut thicker or thinner you can end up with more or less.
  6. Individually wrap for easy transport.
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