The Ultimate Passover Lasagna, Period! by Inbal | @thegourmetgoddess_official

This is the ultimate lasagna, period! Its honestly so good I make it even when its not Passover ? The matzah is softened by just wetting it – so theres no boiling noodles – and it absorbs the sauce and holds its shape even better than ordinary pasta! #WinWin The olives add just a touch of something extra, that makes this such a flavorful and satisfying dish! Make a double batch, youll thank me later!

The Ultimate Passover Lasagna

The Ultimate Passover Lasagna
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  1. 10 Matzah squares
  2. – 1 jar Marinara sauce
  3. – 1 small chili pepper, minced OR 1/2 teaspoon chili flakes
  4. – 1 container Cottage cheese (or 8oz Ricotta if you prefer a creamier texture)
  5. – 1 bag Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  6. – 1 cup pitted green/black olives, sliced
  1. Wet 10 matzah squares with water and set aside
  2. 2. Mix 1 Jar marinara sauce with 1 small minced chili pepper OR 1/2 teaspoon chili flakes
  3. 3. Have ready 1 container ricotta cheese and 1 bag mozzarella cheese
  4. 4. Slice in half 1 cup of pitted green/black olives
  1. ➡️Wet matzah➡️Ricotta➡️Sauce➡️Olives➡️Repeat……
  2. Complete all the matzah slices then top the final layer with sauce and mozzarella cheese and olives
  3. **Optional: Top with Parmesan cheese as well
  4. Bake (covered) at 350 for 45 minutes then uncover for another 12-15 minutes until all liquid is evaporated and the top is golden
  1. Slice and serve with a favorite salad. ENJOY!!
Adapted from @thegourmetgoddess_official
Adapted from @thegourmetgoddess_official
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Inbal’s a mama to 2 boys, NYC Teacher, Self Taught Chef and Tomato Addict! She fell in love with cooking soon after she got married in 2004 (She may or may not have spent the first year of marriage glued to Food Network) and have been obsessed with it ever since! She adheres to the philosophy that theres no such thing as “not liking” a particular food. You simply havent had it prepared in a way you enjoyed. Thats exactly what cooking is to her– free reign to create dishes that please your palate.

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