Cauliflower Pizza by Jessica Wachtel Dusowitz | @Kosherhousewife

I love this recipe because its not only for Pesach, but it can be made year round! Theres no ingredient inside that you would need to change or omit for Pesach which is great! This recipe is so easy to make and the pizza always come out delicious! Its naturally gluten free and the crust is made up of just the cauliflower itself! Hand a slice to your kid telling them its pizza ( leaving out the cauliflower part) I can guarantee they will eat the whole slice and ask for more!

Cauliflower Pizza
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  1. 3lb frozen Cauliflower rice
  2. 4 eggs whisked
  3. 2C shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  4. 3 t Parmesan Cheese
  5. 1 T granulated garlic
  6. 1 T granulated onion
  7. 2 T almond flour (optional. based on texture)
  8. Pinch fresh black pepper
  9. favorite sauce
  10. mozzarella / munster cheese for topping
  1. in one bowl place rice cauliflower (make sure the water is all squeezed out well)
  2. add remaining ingredients and mix well to combine
  3. using parchment paper (which is a must here) form crust into desired shape and size
  4. this will make two 16 inch pizzas 1/4 inch thick
  5. Place into a 450 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, the crust should turn almost black (please don't skip this step and make sure crust is well cooked. Should basically be fully cooked.
  6. Once crust is fully cooked place desired sauce and cheese on top, pop back into oven until the texture of melted cheese you like. Let cool a little before slicing.
  1. If you're able to hold the pizza in one hand you've achieved the perfect cauliflower pizza and trust me it's so so good! YUM!
Adapted from @Kosherhousewife
Adapted from @Kosherhousewife
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  Jessica lives in Miami Beach with her husband and two kids. Her whole life has been about food. Her father (alav HaShalom) was a big cook in Miami . Growing up, her and her brothers always used to watch him cook! and because of that, cooking has been a big part of their lives, which they often do now a days! She also happens to be the oldest granddaughter in her family, which always made her first in line to help her grandmother in the kitchen! Coming from a diverse background (a mix of Australian, Persian, and Israeli) her dishes vary and are full of bold flavors. She loves to cook! and when she’s not playing with her kids she’s usually in the kitchen cooking up a storm with her “octopus hands “( as her grandmother calls it!)

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