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Just Fruit Bars – Kosher For Passover

By kosherguru / April 22, 2016

Ok I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head and I’m just thinking about snacks. Something healthy quick and easy and at this time of the year an added bonus to be kosher for Pasach too.


Ungar’s Coconut Cinnamon Apple Tarts

By kosherguru / April 10, 2016

Ok really short on time here and as you know I’m a really busy guy. I don’t like taking short cuts but sometimes I kind of just have no choice.Well when its erev shabbos, and you find out you are having last minute guests, I turn to Ungar’s products to save me and my reputation. […]


Cheese Borekas

By kosherguru / March 28, 2016

So it’s almost Pesach and life is crazy. I love making amazing dishes to eat but now more than ever I need quick and easy ones. This recipe hits home not only because it’s easy and delicious but it also reminds me of Israel specifically Machane Yehudah.


BBQ Honey Sriracha Wings

By kosherguru / March 2, 2016

32Shares221I believe I could fly! Ok well I wish I if could fly, but I need wings to do that. Well I don’t think flying is in my future but wings are!!!! I mean those yummy suck off the bone, lick your fingers kind of wings.


Apple Pie Hamantashen

By kosherguru / February 24, 2016

Wow my mind has been racing with all my food adventures in the Kosher Guru kitchen. It was really hard to decide what to share with the foodie nation next. I really had in my head a meme entitled “brace your selves for hamantashen blogging “.


Wacky Wednesday – Orecchiette Pasta

By kosherguru / February 15, 2016

Well it’s Wednesday and I’d like to make a wacky Wednesday macaroni. Ok so maybe not macaroni and the only slight thing that’s wacky might be its shape. It has the shape of what they call little ears and in Italian this is called orecchiette.


Simple Roast Chicken

By kosherguru / February 10, 2016

28Shares13So it’s that time again and I have another recipe for the Guru Nation. Its healthy it’s simple its comfort food and most of all it tastes amaaazing. I just got off the plane from an off the hook trip with Kosher Luxe in Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Taco Tuesday

By kosherguru / January 20, 2016

Kosher Guru here, back again for another amazing dish. It’s actually one of my favorites and my kids love having them on Tuesdays. Well if you haven’t guessed already its taco Tuesday, and I’d like to share my meat with you, meat sauce that is.


Meatless Monday

By Kosher Guru / January 18, 2016

Hi, Kosher Guru here and I can’t wait to share my latest and greatest blog with you, which happens to be my very first. Follow me for an experience of a life time of amazing culinary delights and fantastic tastes as I share my recipes and photos with you. Make sure to follow me on […]

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