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Hassleback Franks

By Kosher Guru / August 8, 2017

Another Great Recipe by the Kosher Guru. Today’s Recipe is Hassleback Franks these are so delicious you’ll want to make a lot of them.


Guest Post Recipe by Sylvia Fallas

By Sylvia Fallas / August 3, 2017

I love a good noodle bowl. But then again, who doesn’t?! I’m an equal opportunity noodle lover, whether it’s spaghetti & parm, miso & ramen, or rice noodles & curry. Whatever, let’s use our noodle. If only we could use it all day, every day. 


Roasted Vegetables Recipe

By Kosher Guru / June 9, 2017

I know this post will seem simple but you have no idea how many fans ask just how you get your roasted veggies looking so exciting. Well let me tell you they really are exciting that I could literally make an entire tray full and within minutes I have little hands grabbing to stuff whatever […]


Stuffed Artichoke Hearts

By Kosher Guru / May 12, 2017

The past year and a half was super fun eating our way through so many restaurants and trying so many new and exciting trends in the food industry. Well, inside the Kosher Guru house I think it was time to get healthy!


Rustic Apple Pastry

By Kosher Guru / October 29, 2016

So can we discuss fall for a few minutes? It’s that time of year that the leaves change to these gorgeous yellow, gold, orange and reds. The weather turns a little colder and you can’t help but associate it with these warm cozy feelings.

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