Team Kosher Guru takes on Kosherfest 2017

By Kosher Guru / November 18, 2017

You thought there is only holiday season during the Jewish holidays but in the kosher food world our holiday season just happened and it’s called Kosherfest.

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go to site The biggest and brightest in the kosher world come out to showcase their classics and hopefully launch their all new items which they are hoping will become household classics. Kosherfest is where food legends are born and all new products are vying to win their category or overall product of the year which is an honor bestowed upon one product every year.I had the honor to represent Team Kosher Guru at the top secret new product competition at an undisclosed location in NYC before the event where judges convene from all around the world and vote on the awards to be given out. This year’s product of the year went to a company famous in Chicago for non-kosher pizza and with the help of many Rabbonim launched a kosher line and was the winner this year. Walking the show with thousands in attendance you saw the products were trending with the food trends that are being watched this year, from gluten-free items to many more all natural and dietetic foods to many items being imported from all over the world now certified Kosher. It definitely will be an exciting year in the kosher market.

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rencontres tcheques Day one at Kosherfest was amazing and a huge success for the entire Kosher industry. Check out some highlights and enjoy some Kosher awesomeness!

rencontres grecques 2014 Check out the highlights from Day 2 at Kosherfest that just took place this week. So many great companies and products were showcased this year and we are happy to show you what we enjoyed at the lattes Kosher Foods show.

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