By Kosher Guru / May 7, 2018

gateway pesach 2019

NCSY, an organization close to my heart with their focus on our youth today and the future. Their focus on positively growing each individual that walks their path towards a brighter future in love of Torah, Hashem and Judaism. Join myself and many other who have signed up to partake on a day of heath, fun and togetherness while we Bike NCSY along the Hudson River Drive. Together we can help NCSYteens go to Israel for their gap year post High School! That year for me was one of the most memorable and shaped me into the man I am today! And as I say, “Work Hard To Eat Harder” and that’s what I’m doing. As the premier Kosher Foodie I have decided to partake in the ride to help bring awareness to a healthy lifestyle while riding for an amazing organization as NCSY helps so many young adults around the world as they bring the light of Torah to all. (I also heard there will be an INSANE pre-ride breakfast and an UhMazing post right BBQ Gala! That’s really why I’m doing in ?)HighGearForGapYearOrthodox Union

Please visit my link and help me reach my goal to help the ones that need it most:

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