Bagel making at the newly expanded Avenue M Bagels

Ever found yourself wondering how a bagel is made?

It’s crispy, Sunburnt exterior ,and fluffy, gooey insides?
Simply how is it done?
Gabriel Boxer of Kosher Guru took us behind the scenes, and counter, of what a famous kosher bagel shop in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn looks like today in honor of their Grand re- Opening and expansion. 

Mr. Lang’s legacy of seventeen differently flavored bagels will surely have you pondering which kind to choose next, and offers a whole menu of breakfast and lunch specials like sushi, pancakes, pasta and the rest! From sesame, to poppy seed, colorful, to gluten free this bagel joint has it all, and even delivers, UBER EATS or DOORDASH, it’s a simple phone call!

Phone: (718) 336-5139
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