Limited $50 Tickets While Supplies Last to the Long Island Kosher Wine Event

This Sunday the 2018 Long Island Kosher Wine Expo brings you Wine of the World United Under One Roof! Join me October 28th as winemakers, stores, distributors and more come together for an evening to remember. Major wine producers will be showcasing the latest and greatest, as well as fine vintage bottles released for a first time tasting.

Enjoy some culinary delights brought to you by Marani Kosher Georgian Restaurant, West Wing, Eden Wok and Grow and Behold to name a few. For VIP attendees you’ll get to enjoy Heritage Kosher Foie Gras.

Now here’s the great part- available ONLY through the Kosher Guru *20 tickets at $50 each*! That’s 50% off for an insane event! Email fast to claim your ticket.

For everyone else you think I’d leave you stranded to pay full price? Use Discount Code *Kosher2018GuruLIKWE* at checkout for $10 off general admission and/or bus+general admission.

? Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY
?Sunday October 28, 2018 from 6PM-9PM

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