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Celebrating Israel’s Birthday at Alenbi Kitchen

By Kosher Guru / April 23, 2018

I always enjoy a party! Who doesn’t? Most times I don’t really care what the celebration is about, it’s just a good opportunity to get together with some good quality people hoping for some good quality food! But the other night I had the perfect reason to go out celebrating Israel’s 70th Birthday, and I […]


Cafe Emunah – New Florida Kosher Restaurant

By Kosher Guru / April 22, 2018

For all you Floridians and constant vacationers, here’s some good news for you! Now that Fort Lauderdale is becoming the latest hot spot, here’s a new restaurant to add to the list of places to try!  Cafe Emunah by Elegant! They will be having a soft opening today. To RSVP call(561.305.2761).  3558 Ocean Blvd. Fort […]


Monsey is Rolling Smoke

By Kosher Guru / April 17, 2018

IZZY LOVES US! With 306 BBQ’s “smokin” boss Izzy Weiss we keep coming back for more deliciousness and I guarantee you will too.  As you open the door and enter the nicely decorated hot spot in Monsey, NY you are greeted by the wafting aromas. You can practically taste the flavors in your mouth. You […]


Kosher rebirth of the Lower East Side

By Kosher Guru / April 8, 2018

The Lower East Side is making quite a comeback these days. But it’s not going to be the way our parents or grandparents may remember it. It’s all about reinventing the wheel, so don’t let all the Brownstones or stories from “back in the day” keep from making the easy drive across the bridge. When […]


Help those in need of food for Passover in Israel

By Kosher Guru / March 25, 2018

With bread and cereal off limits on Pesach, families depend on yogurt, cheese, leben and other dairy products to fill their children. But in the Rubin home, milchig products are a rare treat. The family can’t afford things like six-shekel-a-container cottage cheese – and won’t dip into their precious stash of shmurah matzah for breakfast. […]


Kosher For Passover Pet Food

By Kosher Guru / March 21, 2018

Because our pets are part of our family, why stress on how they’ll be fed this Pesach. For the FIRST TIME EVER Kosher Paws is a Kosher for Passover pet food certified by the OU. Understanding that everyone holds differently over Pesach, Kosher Paws has no Kitniot and is non-Gebrokts. You may not be eating […]


JW Wine Event at City Winery

By Kosher Guru / March 18, 2018

This year you didn’t want to miss The Jewish Week Wine Tasting event that took place March 12th at City Winery, NYC. It was quite an auspicious time for wine connoisseurs and lovers of the vine alike. With over two hundred varied kosher wines to taste from you couldn’t help but get a little gay! Not […]


#SaveBennyandJosh Wine Event

By Kosher Guru / March 11, 2018

Education is one of the keys to success, and last night I went to a successfully ran wine seminar and mitzvah opportunity in Brooklyn at the Kingsway Jewish Center. All the proceeds for the seminar went to benefit the fundraiser for #SaveBennyAndJosh. Along with charts to educate each of us on the art of wines, […]


Abigael’s now at MSG

By Kosher Guru / March 8, 2018

There are a few times within the year I absolutely look forward too. One of them is my annual trip to Madison Square Garden. Yes, it’s the home of the NBA Knicks and like most people in the crowd last night the NHL Rangers. But I went to watch the Winnipeg Jets ? rock it […]


A Taste of Italy on the UWS

By Kosher Guru / March 6, 2018

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to Noi Due Carne located at 141 W 69th Street in Manhattan until now, I know that it opened this past summer. Walking in we were greeted by Golan the owner who by the way is a super nice guy. The restaurant has a trendy cool elegance from the shirts on […]

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