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The only magazine you’ll need in your home is Fleishigs Magazine (Joy Of Kosher Magazine) and it’s mooving off the shelves fast! Covering so many topics and featuring amazing people in the food industry you really don’t what to miss out. Need recommendations on where to go and what to order? You can check out my #Top5 in each issue! I will be traveling around to showcase the best Kosher restaurants and experiences. Remember, as soon as they hit the shelves, they are gone in moments.

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Pots Fall Sale

  • I am wondering if u have any free giveaways 4086 Grace Ave. Bronx N.Y. 10466-2210 thx and Gut Shabbos

  • Hamisada mediterranean kitchen opening restaurant in Howell NJ in the bJ shopping center on the Lakewood border

    Also the Loft is opening near Bingo Lakewood

    And Tomahawk Steakhouse is opening in Cedarbridge shopping center in Lakewood

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