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Drop in any Bottle

Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle, including natural and artificial corks, and even metal screw caps — without removing the foil or closure.

Motorized Needle

Designed for everyday use, Plum’s patented double-cored needle automatically pierces through the foil and closure, simultaneously extracting wine from the bottle and injecting argon gas to prevent oxidation.

150 Bottles of Preservation

Plum comes with a fully reusable argon gas canister that preserves 150 bottles, so you can focus on enjoying your wine rather than swapping argon.

Silent Cooling

Two thermoelectric solid-state cooling chambers chill each bottle to its ideal temperature automatically — and you can customize the temperature to suit your individual taste.

Wine Recognition

Each bottle chamber has an integrated HD camera that scans the label and automatically identifies the varietal, vintage, region, winery and wine.

Virtual Tasting Room

Plum’s touchscreen is equipped with a proximity sensor that lights up when you approach, displaying the wine label and creating a virtual tasting room for every bottle.

Customized Servings

Pour a 5-ounce glass, a 1-ounce taste, or customize your serving sizes. Plum’s dual spouts pour each wine directly from the bottle to your glass.

Automatic Cleaning

Plum has a built-in automated cleaning system, so it’s always ready to pour the perfect glass.

$300 Off Plum. Use code LDW18. Valid through 9/3

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