Za’atar Fries With Garlic Tahini Sauce By Vanessa Haberman|@platesandpetals

When it comes to dinners for the nine days, I like to go Mediterranean. The food is mostly light and fresh vegetable forward, simple to prepare, and leaves you feeling good (maybe good enough to indulge a bit for dessert?)
These Oven Baked Za’atar Fries are light yet filling, packed with a flavor punch, and pair well with fish-especially roasted or grilled salmon, or incorporate them as part of a falafel bar-think falafel, Israeli salad, sliced cabbage with a squeeze of lemon, roasted eggplant, and these hot crispy baked fries. Oh and about a bucketful of your favorite tahini. However you serve them, they will be crispy, delicious, and bursting with flavor!

Oven Baked Za’atar Fries with Garlic Tahini Dipping Sauce
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  1. 2 Russet Potatoes, washed well
  2. About 1 tbsp. Za’atar
  3. Pinch of sea salt
  4. Oil for drizzling
Garlic Tahini Sauce
  1. 1 cup tahini
  2. 1/4 cup room temperature water
  3. 1 cloves minced garlic (or a generous sprinkle of garlic powder if you prefer)
  4. Juice of half a lemon
  5. 1/4 tsp salt, add to taste
  1. Slice potatoes into planks lengthwise, and then cut into fries lengthwise to desired thickness. I like them thin so they get extra crispy! Place on a parchment lined baking sheet misted with olive oil, and gently must the tops of the potatoes. Sprinkle generously with Za’atar and sea salt.
  2. * You can also partially bake them and then add the Za’atar if you prefer, to give it extra oomph of baked in flavor. 425 about 20 minutes or until crisp to your liking, depending on thickness.
  3. While they bake, make your dipping sauce!
Garlic Tahini Sauce
  1. Mix in a jar and serve in a small bowl for dipping, or place into a squeeze bottle for extra drizzling!
  2. Scatter chopped parsley onto the fries if desired.
  1. Pairs well with simply grilled or roasted salmon, as part of a falafel bar (think falafel, Israeli salad, sliced cabbage, roasted eggplant, and these!!!), or just as an addition to whatever else you’re serving, especially if it’s Mediterranean. Enjoy!!
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