New Sandwich Bar Opens In Atlanta

  Sausage Panini has recently opened and is serving custom made sandwiches with a variety of sauces,breads,vegetables,and sausages. View menu down below Sausage Panini is certified by AKC and located inside TipTop Kosher Market at 2211 Savoy Dr, Atlanta GA For more information call (678) 395-4324

New Shuk Style-Eatery Opens In LA

  Lenny’s Bazaar, sister to Lenny’s Casita, brings the flavors of the Middle East Shuk to LA! Their menu is all Shuk-style street food created by culinary creator Chef Lenny (the culinary genius behind some well known restaurants, such as Charcoal, Doma Land + Sea, Alenbi, Mike's Bistro) They have a variety items starting with appetizers (Cauliflower Chips YUM!) to Hummus, Focaccia, Sandwiches, Meats on the grill, Salads, and of course...

New Kosher Ethiopian Restaurant Opens In Brooklyn

  Ras Plant Based Ethiopian recently opened in Brooklyn, and is the first ever Kosher eatery serving farm to table Ethiopian Cuisine! They have such an inventive Vegan menu with items such as “Chicken and Waffle”, Kitfo Burrito, Fish & Grits, Mac & Cheese with a Berbere Roux, and so much more. Ras also serves a variety of “Mocktails”  such as a Pina Faux-Lada, Blueberry Faux-Jito, and Guava Lemonade. They will also be...