Team Kosher Guru takes on Kosherfest 2017

You thought there is only holiday season during the Jewish holidays but in the kosher food world our holiday season just happened and it’s called Kosherfest.More...The biggest and brightest in the kosher world come out to showcase their classics and hopefully launch their all new items which they are hoping will become household classics. Kosherfest is where food legends are born and all new products are vying to win their category or overall...

Huge Pesach Discount

HUGE DISCOUNT! BOOK NOW! Time ⏰ to think about pesach ,? Yup! You heard right! Book now through cyber Monday and save up to $2,500 ??off your booking! Join the Heller and Silverstein families in sunny ☀️???️ Orlando, Florida at A Perfect Pesach hosted by the one and only Kosher Guru and under star-k supervision with Rabbi Tzvi Holland. — in Orlando, Florida.