New Fleishigs Eatery Opens In Lakewood

Flysh is the all-new Kosher meat restaurant that recently opened in Lakewood, NJ! Their menu is loaded with starters (JUMBO hot dogs, loaded BBQ nachos, fried pickles), burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and of course a Thursday night “Heimishe Cholent”. View full menu down below Flysh is certified by KCL and located at 32 Cross St, Lakewood, NJ  

Kosher Restaurant Opens In Moroccan Hotel

Marrakech, a mythical city with a unique charm is home to the Atlas Asni hotel. They recently opened “Axo'' the first Kosher restaurant in the hotel, providing the Kosher consumer with breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Axo restaurant will be open all year round and is also taking reservations for Shabbos meals. They have separate meat and dairy options all Glatt L’Mehadrin, and Chalav Yisroel. Axo is certified by the Orthodox Union and located...