Kosher Food Truck Comes To Queens College!


We are so excited about this! The Kosher food scene on campus just got a whole lot better! NY PizzaNPasta is the all new Kosher food truck serving up delicious pizza pies and pastas! We got an exclusive look of the current menu being created, that you can view down below. Everything from the regular pizza to the unique ravioli flavors such as cheese jalepeno, sound ahhmazing! NY PizzaNPasta is planning to add more to the menu in the near future with soups,fries, and plenty more! So stay tuned!
NY PizzaNPasta is certified by the VAAD of Queens + OU, and is Cholov and Pas Yisrael
For updates and specials follow them on Instagram @newyorkpizzanpasta


Pizza – All pies 10 inch

· Plain – $7.50
· With toppings – $8. 50

Pasta – One Size – $7.00

· Cheese Jalapeño Ravioli
· Cheese Stuffed Ravioli
· Mushroom Ravioli *
· Pizza Stuffed Ravioli
· Cheese Tortellini


New Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Opening In Boston!


We are excited to announce the opening of the Veggie Crust Restaurant this Tuesday! They have an exciting menu with a variety of creative pizza pies, panini, pasta, salads, vegan ice cream and more! All pizza doughs, breads, sauces, and ice cream are homemade and 100% vegetarian!
The Veggie Crust located at 8 Cypress St Brookline, MA and is certified by KVH
All items are Pas Yisroel, Chalav Yisroel & Bishul Yisroel
*Only the Brookline location is Kosher
For more information visit their website

New Dairy Cafe Opens In Jersey!


Bakeristor is all the new artisan cafe now open in Jersey! This new eatery is focused on bringing high quality Kosher breakfast dishes and gourmet coffee to the table! They have a loaded sophiscated menu with items such as Fresh Homemade Pastries, Smoothie Bowls, Challahs and Specialty Items for Shabbos,Coffee and Drinks! Everything is prepared and cooked by their in house Chef, and also offer seasonal menus!
This all sounds ahhmazing and we cannot wait to check it out!
Bakeristor is certified by Rabbi Moshe Shmiel Rottenberg and is Cholov and Pas Yisroel
Located at 221 West St. Georges Ave.Linden, NJ with free parking in back of the building!
For more information visit their website

New Israeli Restaurant Opens In Florida!


Jerusalem Grill is the all new family owned Israeli inspired restaurant in Boca Raton! This new eatery has a variety of options on their menu, with different kebabs, chicken, appetizers, chummus and vegetable platters!
Jerusalem Grill is located at 22767 State Road 7, Boca Raton and is certified by the OK
*Gluten free and Vegan options are available on their menu
For more information and to view full menu check out their website

Apron Masters Kitchen Now Open!


Now this is ahhmazing!!! Apron Masters Kitchen is the all new dairy Kosher cooking space for private events and more! Whether you want a commercial kitchen rental, cooking classes and lessons for all ages, challah workshops, class trips, special family events and celebrations this is the place to check out!
Apron Masters Kitchen is located at 956 Broadway Woodmere, NY
For more information and bookings visit their Facebook page

Chocolatte Opens 3rd Location!


Yes! The delicious Chocolatte Espresso Bar that originally started in Crown Heights has expanded, and are making their way through out Brooklyn! This new cafe is serving up fresh roasted coffee, a variety of drinks (smoothies etc) snacks, and breakfast!
Chocolatte is certified by CHK(Crown Heights Kosher), is Cholov Yisrael, and is located at 800 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn.
Chocolatte Espresso Bar also has a shop located near 770 at the Jewish Children’s Museum at 792 Eastern Parkway. It is open 24 hours a day and is under the supervision of the CHK. Chocolatte in Midwood is located at 1354 Coney Island and Avenue J and is under the supervision of Rabbi Yisroel Gornish.
For more information visit their website

Is Tevere 84 Making A Comeback!?


We are excited to announce that this restaurant is!

Tevere 84 was a well known Italian meat restaurant located on the Upper West Side, and unfortunately closed their doors this past April. Planning to open this coming February at their new location on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, where Venezia (a former Kosher dairy cafe) was! Construction and renovations are currently underway, and we cannot wait for the grand opening day!
Stay tuned for more details to come!


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