Why You Need A Consultant

Why A Consultant?

Chesky Klein- Kosher Guru Consulting Team


We are often asked by potential clients why it is that they need a consultant? What exactly is it that we bring to the table? And how can they justify the expense? There are many answers to these questions, depending on who the client is (Investor, Owner Operator, Etc.) and at what stage the client is at (Concept, Startup, Turn Around Service Etc.). The short answer to all of the above questions is that we save our clients Time and Money. The long answer depends on which of the above scenarios apply to you. Having been in this field as both owners and operators, we bring a unique perspective to all these different situations. We constantly have our finger on the pulse of the latest and upcoming trends. We are constantly networking with other owners, as well as professional employees and sourcing of materials. We have a passion for hospitality. And we know what it takes to turn a profit. We are qualified to discern whether yours is a pipe dream or the Next Big Thing. We encourage you to put our vast experience to work for you!In today’s blog, let us walk you through a typical Concept client. We set up an initial meet to hear what your dreams are and if they can practically be turned into fruition and turn a profit. We give you a practical feel of what it takes to run and successfully operate a food establishment. We walk you through day to day operations, as well as how to troubleshoot different situations. We educate you in the many factors and variables involved in running a successful operation. In essence, we are also vetting YOU to see if you have the passion and dedication to be in the Hospitality business. We then walk you through what your financial needs and obligations are to start your business. You will also learn about the different governing agencies and their compliance regulations. This is the time to ask us any of your questions that you may have.This is the saving Time aspect we touched on earlier. In a very short amount of time, we give you a real feel of what you would be experiencing as an owner. Believe it or not, at this point most clients choose to opt out of opening at this point. Most do not realize the intricacies and dedication necessary in running a profitable restaurant. They walk away completely educated and with a greater appreciation of what we in the food and hospitality industry do on a daily basis.At this point, should a client decide that this is indeed what they want to do, we now come up with a precise plan on how to execute their goals and concept. We use our plethora or resources to help make their dreams come true at minimal expense. From writing business plans and helping secure funding and negotiating leases to finding the right location and professional employees, we hold their hand every step of the way. Most importantly, we save our clients Money. The following are some of the many ways a competent consultant can save their clients money during their Conceptual Stage:

  • Due Diligence - If purchasing an existing business, we determine what the business is worth and ensure that our clients are not over paying.
  • Location Scouting - As the famous quote goes ”Location, Location, Location” is everything in this business. We can help secure the optimum location for your concept.
  • Lease Negotiations - Help our clients negotiate the market value or below of their lease.
  • Compliance - Ensuring that our clients are educated and in compliance with all State, City, and Village ordinances.
  • Investor Circle - Educate you on how to approach and sell your project to potential investors as well as other sources of funds.
In summary, by utilizing a consulting service, you are putting yourself in a significantly better position to succeed. You will know how to navigate the pitfalls as well as the exhilaration of knowing that you will be running your operation better than others who choose to forgo these services. And of course, you will save lots of time and money in the short as well as the long term!

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