Sweet potatoes Fritters by Limi Robinson| @limi_cooks

By Kosher Guru / December 9, 2020

A spin on the classic Latke made with sweet potato and butter! A must try!


4 sweet potatoes (the best are the narrow and long ones)

4 tbsp potato flour (don’t use regular flour)

1 tsp chicken stock powder (parve) or 1 tbsp soya sauce.


1 tbsp melted butter 

1 tsp sugar 

butter for frying

2 Sage leaves

Sour cream and chives for garnish


Preheat oven to 185c

Wash and dry the sweet potatoes. Wrap each one with silver foil. Placed them on a baking tin and bake for one hour or more to soften. 

Take the sweet potatoes out from the oven,  let it cool slightly then peel and while still warm, mash trough a ricer. Let it cool completely. 

To the bowl with the mashed potatoes add rest of the ingredients.

Mix all well.

In a pancake frying pan melt 1 tsp butter on a low heat.  Add 2 Sage leaves . let it fry for one minute for the flavour and then take it out. 

Transfer the potato mixture to a piping bag ( with a round hole) and pipe into the pan in a spiral shape (as shown in the photo) , each time 3-4 pancakes.

Fry the pancakes on a low heat on both sides until golden. careful when you invert them – they are delicate. 

Serve warm with sour cream and chives.

Limi Robinson is a devoted mother, a recipe developer and the author of ‘The girl from Tel Aviv’ cookbook.  She was born and raised in Tel Aviv in the 70’s, and currently resides in London with her husband and 3 children. Follow her food journey on Instagram @limi_cooks
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