Pesach 2018 At The Blue Mountain Resort

 Spring may be the most eagerly awaited season. It is a time of hope and joyfulness, a time of beginnings, a time of energy and vigor and a time to celebrate Pesach with the most precious people in your lives.

This is why world class Pesach getaways will bring you all the bells and whistles, allowing you to put your feet under the table and enjoy, undeniably the most exquisite foods, inspiring Shiurim and lectures presented by our scholars in residents, fun family themed nights, activities & attractions that will leave you breathless.
It is with great anticipation and enthusiasm, that we look forward to seeing you all join our family for a memorable Pesach.
  • Luxury Family Pesach Resort
  • World Class Gourmet Chefs
  • Strict Rabbinc Supervision
  • Non-Gebrochts
  • Glatt Kosher La’Mehadrin
  • Cholov Yisroel
  • All you can eat Lunch Bbq’s
  • Inspiring Shiurim & Classes
  • Communal & Private Seders
  • Earth Shattering Entertainment
  • Spectacular Performances
  • World Famous Ski Resort


Blue Mountain Resort Is A Magnificent Natural Beauty. The Resort Features Over 900 Guest Suites, Ranging In Size From Resort Hotel Rooms, Boutique Village Suites To Resort Homes.
The Village Conference Center, Which Will Be Our Main Exclusive Facility Thru-Out The Pesach Stay, Is A New $10 Million Dollar Complex.
Blue Mountain Resort Is Located Two Hours North Of Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

  • Breakfast, lunch and fine dining themed meals daily. 
  • BBQ’s thru-out Chol Hamoed will include: marinated steaks & chicken, burgers, merguez, hotdogs,  accompanied with fries and fresh salads. 
  • Our famous deli night with authentic Montreal Smoked Meat Station & our internationally renowned charcuterie by Amselem. 
  • Our delectable T-Room will include: Pastries, exquisite chocolates, fresh fruit platters, smoothie bar, slushy station & ice cream station with a variety of your favorite toppings. 
  • Children’s early meals & dinner are available daily. We pride ourselves in making sure that all allergies are attended to. 
  • Selection of Mevushal Wines & Kosher for Passover spirits thru-out the getaway. 
  • “Create-Your-Own-Lunch-Box” buffet for all your Chol Hamoed excursions. 
  • Hand & machine Shmura Matzah available.
For the past 30 years, Raphy Amar has been setting the standard of excellence in the kosher culinary industry. Our mission statement has been recognized, by planning magnificent and memorable occasions, by priding ourselves as one of Toronto’s premier caterers.
​Raphy from Broadway Culinary Events will be here to lift up the curtain on your Pesach getaway and will surpass all your expectations. Our world class culinary team has been assembled carefully making sure to bring you the finest and most innovative dining experience for a fun filled Pesach getaway.


Badatz Toronto Kahruth Agency
Badatz Toronto is under supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Toronto’s Sephardic Community.
Chacham Rabbi Amram Asayag
Rav Hamachshir:
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Salmon
  • Non-Gebrochts
  • Glatt Kosher
  • Cholov Yisrael

Kids Club

Children’s programs will be supervised by an ECE (Early Childhood Education) certified staff member, who will inspire the kids with a full range of activities and storytelling.


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