Luxury Passover 2018 in Crete, Greece with Temps de LUXE

The Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort ***** has won the award for the “BEST HOTEL & RESORT IN GREECE” at the 2017 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards.

A Royal Pesach  in an exceptional Resort, Glatt Kosher without Kitniot  
Set on its own private peninsula and affording spectacular Aegean Sea views, the Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort***** is a luxury beach resort offering medical wellness, all-suite hotels, bungalows, private-pool villas and extensive leisure facilities in Crete.

Offering the best destination for Passover 2018, a dream passover, a fun family get-together,. The resort is situated 20 minutes from the International Airport of Heraklion and next to the pretty Greek village of Agia Pelagia.
Capsis Elite Resort has a fairy-tale amusement park of 4,000 sqr for children. This unique park in our family resort in Crete will delight all children during our stay of the beautiful Passover.
Luxurious facilities of international standard and impeccable and friendly service. We offer a range of accommodation – rooms, suites, villas with private pool – which are labeled in 3 collections: Classic, Lifestyle and Exclusive. Services and facilities : Enjoy world-class facilities and seamless service during your stay at the luxury resort Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort on the island of Crete. 
Throughout your stay of Pesach we reserve you many activities indoor  and outdoorthe Resort. Nautical Center,  Scuba Diving, Tennis court, billiards, table tennis, chessin the open air, video games room, as well as many activities are also available to guests
We welcome you to the world of the Euphoria Rejuvenating Spa, an environment specially built to be dedicated to the development of the senses .
Full board, Glatt Kosher Laméhadrine, no Kitniot, under the strict supervision of under supervision of Rav E. ROTENBERG, (Yéroushalaim)
Temps de Luxe and Emmanuel Tellier, Chef at the French Embassy for 10 years, offers gastronomy, French and Israeli
During the day, an exceptional restaurant ….
In the evening an exceptional table for a unique Pesach
In this unique place, French cuisine which draws its inspiration from the prestige and flavors of Israel.
With the sublime desserts of our pastry chef, to give in to all your desires.
With family or friends, enjoy delicious tasting on our terraces facing the pool and the sea
All delicioous meals will be accompanied by wine and beverages to choose from our selection the best bottles will be offered.
We prepare wonderful kiddush served in teraase or facing the sea after each service Shabbat and Yom Tov
We reserve an exceptional Mimouna with an oriental orchestra and sublime buffets to close an unforgettable Pesach

The two nights of Passover have become true moments of conviviality, proving that Passover can be celebrated with family as well as community.
For you we organize:
Sedarims, either Ashkenazi or Sephardic can be requested at your demand sharing this moment all together or individually to suit your family’s traditio
A collective Seder, under the animation of Hazan  Hanania DADOUCHE
Private seder upon request
Pesach is also a time for reflections on TORAH and the modern world
In these years of technological upheaval, the word of great Torah masters is
of great importance. We will have pleasure to discover their approach, their daring and their choices.
Sedarims, either Ashkenazi or Sephardic can be requested at your demand sharing this moment all together or individually to suit your family’s tradition
Located in the back quarters of the park this guesthouse is a quiet paradis, this children’s home is an oasis of tranquility. Our little guests can rest or play safely.Beds and baby cots are available for children of all ages. The walls are hand painted with cartoon characters that seem to gently sing lullabies and whisper secrets to the little guests.
A wonderful program ….
–       Trampoline,
–       Labyrinth (A unique outdoor game with more than 20 communicating rooms)
–       Ball Pool,
–       Game Room,
–       Tree houses (In the middle of gardens, three colorful huts nestled in the trees offer a magical world to children),
–       video game room and interactive,theaters ,
Swimming pool
A children’s river/lagoon type pool  located in the center of the park offers our little guests a splash of playfulness and amusement. Children can embark on a trip aboard a boat that is the replica of Ulysses.
Entertainment & parties
You will spend sublime moments during Hol Hamoed with our team of animators URBAN GABRIEL ARON. Games, musics and happiness, mood, let’s get your day together. Excursions
The evening after dinner, concert, conferences, theme nights directed by Gabriel Aaron and his team
Resort Facilities and services 
Concierge service  • 24-hours doctor, on call • Wireless internet (WiFi) in all rooms and public areas • Dry clean/laundry service* • In-room safe deposit boxes • Bridge room & TV/video room • Rent-a-car desk* • Mercedes car for private transfers* • Heliport* • Lear jet services* • Yacht rental services* • Parking • Capsis Boutique for shopping* 

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    There has not been a kosher restaurant or hotel in Cuba since 1959.
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    Before the Castro revolution there were 20,000 Jews in Cuba.
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