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New Kosher Hot Spot in Time Out Market!

By Kosher Guru / May 30, 2019

We got BIG news coming your way! Things just got a whole lot more exciting in Brooklyn! We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Time Out Market located at 55 Water Street, NY! Doors open on Friday, May 31st, and there are a lot of reasons to visit this epic market, that holds […]


Brooklyn’s Very First Kosher Beer Garden!

By Kosher Guru / May 30, 2019

Yes you read that right! Toli Dubinsky, Isaac Bernstein formerly executive chef of Pomegranate Supermarket, and Zalman Skoblo are the masterminds behind this unique restaurant called Gruit, a fun new kosher beer garden in the heart of Crown Heights. Brooklyn is known to have some good eats, but with this new hot spot open, kosher […]


The Real Fialkoff’s Now In Boro Park!

By Kosher Guru / May 22, 2019

Breaking News! Gershi of the Famous Fialkoffs Pizza of Monticello has taken over Gobo’s cafe & Pizza located at 5421 New Utrecht Ave in Brooklyn! Gershi from Fialkoffs Pizza at 250 E Broadway Monticello, New York has confirmed that he and his partner have bought this popular cafe and pizza store. Gobos Cafe/Gershi pizza will […]


New Karne Joint coming to town!

By Kosher Guru / May 15, 2019

The famed dairy restaurant Acqua located at 3565 NE 207th St A11 207th street in Aventura,FL (in the Waterways Shops ) closed its doors this past Monday.  A new restaurant called Karne from the people who brought you Acqua and Fuego and so much more, will be opening it’s doors where the old Fuego used to […]


The Catskills Comeback!

By Kosher Guru / May 11, 2019

We got some big news coming your way!   We all know the Catskills as being a major place for family gatherings, get togethers, and fun outings during the summer and year ‘round. And we also know, that when visiting and vacationing relaxing in comfort is key.   The once-popular Hudson Valley Resort was formerly […]


Kosher Food Sport Stands!

By Kosher Guru / May 2, 2019

Sport games just got a whole lot better! When watching a game, we all know good food is a must! So this summer when you are heading out to your favorite sport’s game, make sure to check out our list of teams that provide kosher food stands, and enjoy all they have to offer! Each […]


Kosher Is Coming Back to NYC!

By kosherguru / March 15, 2019

With the closing of Seasons Supermarket on the Upper West Side of NYC, a new market is in the works, and will be ready to launch very soon. Holding the same location on Amsterdam Avenue between 92nd and 93rd street, this will be the home for a new Kosher supermarket, bought by the owners of […]


United We Grow

By Kosher Guru / October 29, 2018

We only get better together. We only get stronger together. We need to build each other up instead of only looking out for ourselves. Several times throughout the year I invite bloggers to send me their info to help them get their name, their message and their hard work out. No, I don’t do this […]


Canada & USA kosher Restaurant Succah List

By Kosher Guru / September 26, 2018

Many people enjoy restaurants during Succos, below is a list of some kosher restaurants located in the USA and Canada that will be having a Succah for you to enjoy your meal. Don’t forget to share you foodie experiences with us on our Facebook group “Kosher Guru’s Kosher Nation”. We look forward to seeing your […]


Toronto Gets a Food Truck

By Kosher Guru / September 20, 2018

Toronto has got some big wheels marking its territory! MASA Eats Food Truck is now around daily to fill your lunch time needs. Certified by the COR, MASA Eats offers a great menu filled with homemade beef burgers, crispy schnitzel and Schwarma in baguettes or pitas, your choice of grilled or schnitzel veggie salads and […]

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