Kosher L’Pesach Restaurants/Caterers List Open This Chol Hamoed!

  Pesach this year won’t be the same for anyone across the world. With most restaurants closed,no one knows really what to expect moving forward.  We encourage everyone to support local restaurants , and are super grateful to those who are still open. Check out our list below of all Kosher L'Pesach Restaurants/Catering Open This Chol Hamoed, within the U.S and Canada. We wish everyone a Chag Kasher V’Sameach, stay home, and stay...

Pesach 2020 Video Contest!

  Looking for something to do during Chol Hamoed?? The Kesher App partnered with the Kosher Guru to announce: The Pesach 2020 Video Contest! Let out your competitive spirit and submit your best Pesach home-video EVER! Send in your video to throughout Pesach and vote on the best videos being submitted! The votes will be tallied on April 26th and the top 3 winners will win a brand new Samsung tablet!!