Tahini Hamentaschen With Halva and Honey Nut Filling by Sarah Chana Gruskin | @she_cooks_that

  Tahini in pastries was all the hype back in 2017/2018 but recently became a favorite of mine. I wanted to incorporate tahini paste not just in the filling, but in the dough itself. Turns out swapping tahini paste for oil does the trick, and brilliant none the less. And halva cream and honey nut filling is my new jam! Happy Purim!   A graduate of CKCA, Sara Chana is a busy personal chef preparing gourmet kosher food. Sarah Chana has...

Pizza Hamentashen by Sarah Botwinick | @frumfoodie

  Taking a classic flavor and making it into an insanely good Hamantaschen! A must try!   Sarah Botwinick is a food blogger and recipe developer. She run a small catering business where she cooks for families for shabbos and yom tov. Follow her on Instagram @frumfoodie for many more easy and delicious recipes and foodie adventures!

Dulce de leche Hamentashen by Deby Sandler | @joyofcholov

  Delicious sweet Dulce De Leche Hamantaschen, perfect recipe to try this Purim!   Devorah Sandler grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once she moved to USA, Devorah ’s fond memories of the mouth-watering aroma of alfajores and Argentinian desserts swirling through her childhood home, inspired her to start baking for her children. And their friends. And neighbors. And neighbors’ friends. And neighbors’ friends’ friends. She...

Date Hamantaschen by Rénana Spiegel Levkovich | @renanas_kitchen

  Tasty hamantaschen recipe that are vegan, doesn’t contain sugar and has a yummy date filling! These hamantaschen are actually pretty natural in taste, you can fill them up with any spread you want, even a savory one. The dough is so simple to whip up as you just need 3 ingredients then roll the dough and you don’t even need to wait and cool it! Renana"s kitchen adventure finally took root when she moved out of her parent's house....

Candied Beef Facon Hamantaschen stuffed with Fig Jam by Nina Safar|@kosherinthekitch

  Purim 2020 is going to be tasty with Jack’s Gourmet and Kosher in the Kitch! I teamed up with Jack’s Gourmet to create these sweet and savory hamantaschen stuffed with fig jam and topped with candied beef facon and silan syrup!   Nina Safar is the blogger behind @kosherinthekitch and cookbook author of The Simply Kosher Cookbok now available for order on Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble.