Salami “Chips”

When Shabbos starts so late, Friday’s seem to drag on. I feel like I end up serving my kids about six meals after they come home from school. They seem to always be starving. I now make sure I have a Meal Mart salami in the fridge so I can make these salami “chips” and the Little’s seem to gobble it up. It’s a quick and easy solution to the “starvation” that occurs and I think I enjoy them too.  Serve them with some deli mustard, or some extra BBQ sauce, and they will be your best friend!


  • 1 16 oz Meal Mart  bullet salami
  • ½ cup Your favorite BBQ sauce (I like Daddy Sam’s original sauce)


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees (I like using the convection roast on my oven for this)  
  • Thinly slice salami and lay on a tray in a single layer  
  • Brush with BBQ sauce
  • Convection roast on 450 degrees (or just preheat to 450)
  • Roast for about 10 – 15 minutes until sides start to come up and the tops get crispy!
  • Watch that it doesn’t burn
  • To serve dip in mustard or more BBQ sauce


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Salami “Chips”
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  1. 1 16 oz Meal Mart bullet salami
  2. ½ cup Your favorite BBQ sauce (I like Daddy Sam’s original sauce)
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees (I like using the convection roast on my oven for this)
  2. Thinly slice salami and lay on a tray in a single layer
  3. Brush with BBQ sauce
  4. Convection roast on 450 degrees (or just preheat to 450)
  5. Roast for about 10 - 15 minutes until sides start to come up and the tops get crispy!
  6. Watch that it doesn’t burn
  7. To serve dip in mustard or more BBQ sauce
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NCSY Pop Up Event

Kiruv and fine dining, two things I’m very passionate about. Once speaking with my friends over at NCSY it was a no brainer I was going to make a call and present them and you with one of the most exclusive chefs in the industry.
The famous Chef Nir Mesika’s food is inspired by traditional Jewish cuisines keeping him CONNECTED to his ROOTS. NCSY is about educating the youth on TRADITION and strengthening their Jewish FAITH and IDENTITY. Join me on Tuesday, June 12th at Westchester Day School as we combine all these key words and take advantage of a one time opportunity as Michelin Star Chef Nir Mesika takes his world renowned dishes from his NYC restaurant to our palettes. Each of the 5 Star courses will be paired with a fine wine by Carmel Winery. With different sponsorship levels you can get an opportunity to meet the acclaimed chef himself in a private pre-event.
RSVP today as seating is limited.

Reserve your seat now:

For further questions please contact Daniel Gordon
☎ 917-923-7951

Whiskey Jewbilee 2018

Start your weekend off on a good start. Wait, let me rephrase that…start your weekend off on an UhMAzing start! Studio450 in NYC is a premier loft venue and the perfect location for a night of sophistication and chill (Isn’t that the phrase the young kids are saying these days?!) Join me on Thursday, June 7th at the annual Whiskey Jewbilee featuring over 80 brands of Whisky from all around the world. Ask the ambassadors, blender, and distillers questions as they pour some of their best spirits from Scotland, America, Japan, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and Taiwan. But wait, it gets better. Great you have the top names and Whisky makers from all around the world, now add a nice rooftop setting, a snip off a high end cigar and a Zippo to “lighten” the mood. I would say let’s call it a night. But how could you? With the famous Ari White of The Wandering Que catering the event (and also providing Vegetarian options) and meats provided by Grow & Behold, how can you NOT sign up for this event immediately. Space is limited and tickets sell out fast.
RSVP now!

Link to buy tickets now:

I’ll make it even better for you, use PROMO CODE: KOSHERGURU at checkout for an additional 15% off your ticket.

United Hatzolah of Israel Dinner

Awareness. Volunteer. Unity. 
On Wednesday May 9th, 2018 about 150 men and women gathered in the magnificent home of Mr. & Mrs. Yoel Fuld in Teaneck, NJ. The common goals of the evening were to bring awareness to the crowd about United Hatzalah of Israel and show their support. United Hatzalah is Israel’s largest independent, non-profit and fully volunteer EMS organization, with more than 4,000 emergency medical technicians, certified first responders, paramedics and doctors dispersed throughout the country. They are known to respond on a record time of 90 seconds to a call to save a life with their medically equipped motorcycles also referred to as an ambucycle (pictured). 

Chef Elior Balbul was another goal of the night. The well-known and remarkable Israeli chef of Alenbi located in Brooklyn, NY was cooking and officiating some of his famous cuisines. 

The enormous kitchen had an abundance of work space for Chef Elior and his crew to put his artistry on the dishes. 

Frenna Bread with Harissa, Tahini, crushed tomatoes and pickled vegetables was displayed on each table for the guests to start with. The Falafel Tartare, one of Elior’s originals got the crowd buzzing. 

The second course followed along with a genius combination of coffee cured king salmon. We saved ourselves on the carbs and dove into a Black Radish Ravioli. The Salmon Caviar was bursting with each bite. 
Carmel Winery out of Israel was the exclusive wine at the fundraiser  distributed by Royal Wine Corp. The beautiful flavors and aromas from the wines set the mood for the next course, Drunk Liver! Chicken Liver Mousse. What’s an Israeli event without some Jerusalem bagel and pistachio Silan syrup to dress the plate.  

I know you’re stuffed reading this, but wait there was more. The main coarse came out and the juices and flavors from the grilled Duck breast was out of this world! The soft and tender Duck was suited up with a beautiful array of vegetables. 

As the evening came to an end the last course made its way to the table and crowd couldn’t believe the pure art on the plate. The citrus Lime cream and the Hibiscus meringue topped a remarkable Financier cookie base. The Almond Ginger Crumble topped with fresh berries was plated perfectly next to a dollop of Mint jam. 
Chef Elior Balbul has not ceased to impress me with each opportunity I’ve had to experience his mastery of the culinary arts. 

It was a great opportunity to learn about and support the United Hatzalah of Israel in all their phenomenal work and to share the knowledge I got that evening with everyone.


NCSY, an organization close to my heart with their focus on our youth today and the future. Their focus on positively growing each individual that walks their path towards a brighter future in love of Torah, Hashem and Judaism. Join myself and many other who have signed up to partake on a day of heath, fun and togetherness while we Bike NCSY along the Hudson River Drive. Together we can help NCSYteens go to Israel for their gap year post High School! That year for me was one of the most memorable and shaped me into the man I am today! And as I say, “Work Hard To Eat Harder” and that’s what I’m doing. As the premier Kosher Foodie I have decided to partake in the ride to help bring awareness to a healthy lifestyle while riding for an amazing organization as NCSY helps so many young adults around the world as they bring the light of Torah to all. (I also heard there will be an INSANE pre-ride breakfast and an UhMazing post right BBQ Gala! That’s really why I’m doing in 😜)HighGearForGapYearOrthodox Union

Please visit my link and help me reach my goal to help the ones that need it most:

Summer Vacation in Italy

You might know us by our famous international Pesach programs. 
You might have heard our name once, twice or maybe a bunch more  since we’ve been at the top of the industry for over 60 years. But we are more than just a name and a Pesach program. We are a family. A family to bring you the best and leave you with the best memories for years to come. 

Leisure Time Tours is now offering two outstanding opportunities at the Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte. Spend your summers with the kids or without while they are away at sleep-away camp in the beautiful and peaceful city of Fiuggi, Italy. Relax and show up to an elegant and sophisticated Sukkah set for you. Professional Day Camps to keep the kiddies busy with fun and laughter while you catch words of inspiration from leading lecturers. Like in the name of the Hotel, which is a member of the Leading Hotels in the World, it will all be GRAND! Providing you with only the finest in cuisine and entertainment, you will be pleased to be spending these moments with us. Sign up today to join us on either or both of these exceptional luxurious programs. 
📆 Summer Vacation: July 24th -August 21st 
Sukkos Vacation: September 21st- October 3rd. 
☎️ 718-528-0700

YTCTE Chinese Auction

If you see what I see, then we are both looking at an amazing night out in a trendy new venue with chances to WIN BIG! Join me Sunday night May, 27th as I once again host what’s most probably the grandest and chicest Chinese Auction on behalf of Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes in Miami, FL. Over the years I’ve gotten to meet some up the outstanding parent body and their families, some of which are the brains behind the whole evening. Don’t worry if you can’t be there to see all of Artistique Events talents in all her glory, here’s the link to purchase your package choice and enter it in for a chance to win some UhMazing prizes! 

Link to purchase to tickets:

Can’t wait to see you there!

OU’s Torah NY

Sunday mornings- also referred to as the one day a week to sleep late, catch the later minyan and just an all around lazy day. But on Sunday, April 29, 2018 around 2,000 men, women and teenagers gathered early in the morning in CitiField (and more on LiveStream) to partake in one of the most inspirational and grandest days of Torah learning of the year. The OU always has something great brewing up their sleeve, and for the second year in a row and doubling in numbers #TorahNY touched the masses with outstanding lecturers and Torah geniuses from the USA and Israel. 
In a brief interview with Moishe Bane, President of the OU, he explained, “Everyone wants to learn Torah but they don’t know whether it fits them. Today we put together a wide varaiety of topics and speakers to relate to anyone attending.” 
It was remarkable to see such a range of ages from  NCSYers to grandparents, from all backgrounds and walks of life filling the seats of the four floor venue. 
“It represents everything that the OU is trying to do in the world, increasing our relationship with Torah and Torah learning,” Executive Vice President Allen Fagin shared. “To give over
Torah in a variety of directions, a whole array of Torah programming where everyone can find shiurim and subjects that speak to their Neshama.”
It’s an honor and a privilege to be involved in an organization so influential and outstanding. Always thinking one step ahead to better our future. Already looking forward to next years #TorahNY event!

photos are courtesy of Kruter Photography

Check out the podcast for this article here:

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Brisket King 2018

 Brisket King 2018 was off the hook and I got to see it all go down! There were smokin views inside and beautiful outside the awesome venue on the waterfront in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY with about 500 guests gathering to see who will be named #Brisketking2018! Brisket King co-founder Jimmy Carbone hosted some of the best names in the industry to compete and judge including Nick Solares in making the best Brisket or a variation of the meat.

Some of our very own stars were Yehuda Joffre if Judd’s Memphis Kitchen together with Bosh Boshnack of Boshs Meat who prepared Burnt End Hush Puppy Sliders with candied Jalapeño and Mainhouse Smokehouse from Mill Basin, Brooklyn serving Brisket over smoked Lamb Plov.

We had some awesome representation in the past with the 2016 and 2017 winners being Ari White of The Wandering Q and Sruli Eidelman of Izzy’s BBQ from Crown Heights, Mendel Segal also known as the BBQ Rabbi from the delicious Backyard BBQ in Surfside, FL was there giving a hand in the field he knows so well! Some kosher rep made it into the top 3 this year with Nobo’s Chef Joshua Massin out of Teaneck, NJ coming in 3rd place! His Brisket Ramen was insane. Combining handmade ramen,  tonkatsu broth, wakame, ginger and scallion duckfat, mushroom tare, soy poached oakwood shiitake,raw scallion, togarashi, beet marinated onsen egg and of course Brisket rubbed and cooked to a tender degree! All those ingredients together- how could you not make it to the top!

Big shoutout to the first place winner out of Toronto, Canada Cherry St. BBQ and all the all-stars who competed. Looking forward to next years competition with more Kosher contestants!

Check out the podcast for this article here:

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