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Salami & Eggs

By Kosher Guru / December 24, 2017

Sunday nights was always a time to get together with grandparents. That also meant that dinner needed to be served.



By Kosher Guru / December 17, 2017

Chanukah and the living is oily. Well that’s what this week is about yummy, oily, greasy food that for some reason its ok to make this week.


Chicken pot pie recipe

By mindee / September 25, 2017

Another guest post recipe by Mindee from Munchies By Mindee check the post to see the recipe and more about Mindee.


Salami-Stuffed Potatoes: A Marriage Made in Hassleback Heaven!

By Elana / August 29, 2017

Another great guest post recipe by Elana from Glitter and Spice click the read more button to check out the recipe More… The cooking world has been all aflutter as of late with hassleback salami and potato recipes.  They are each delicious on their own, but I thought, “You know what would take them over […]

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