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This is not your usual wine event! Join Shirah Wine & Twin Suns for an intimate evening

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Team Kosher Guru takes on Kosherfest 2017

You thought there is only holiday season during the Jewish holidays but in the kosher food world our holiday season just happened and it’s called Kosherfest.

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Huge Pesach Discount


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Check out our Newly Launched Restaurant Directory

Sign up now to our FREE to our New Restaurant Directory.

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Join Team Kosher Guru as we record our hit podcast show “The Nosh” from the The Peppermill’s 20th anniversary celebration!

Join Team Kosher Guru as we record our hit podcast show “The Nosh” from the The Peppermill’s 20th anniversary celebration!

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Join Leisure Time Tours as they celebrate their 60th year

Leisure Time Tours is celebrating 60 years check out there pesach vacation

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Mid-Winter Yeshiva Break Kosher Program

Let’s talk Mid-Winter Yeshiva break for a minute. Are looking for a Kosher Ski Program ?

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South Florida’s Fired Up Florida Kosher BBQ Battle

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Bosh Pop-Up @ Hapina Restaurant

The next Bosh pop-up is happening at Hapina Restaurant in Cedarhurst, NY and you are going to want to be there. 

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