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JW Wine Event at City Winery

By Kosher Guru / March 18, 2018

This year you didn’t want to miss The Jewish Week Wine Tasting event that took place March 12th at City Winery, NYC. It was quite an auspicious time for wine connoisseurs and lovers of the vine alike. With over two hundred varied kosher wines to taste from you couldn’t help but get a little gay! Not […]


#SaveBennyandJosh Wine Event

By Kosher Guru / March 11, 2018

Education is one of the keys to success, and last night I went to a successfully ran wine seminar and mitzvah opportunity in Brooklyn at the Kingsway Jewish Center. All the proceeds for the seminar went to benefit the fundraiser for #SaveBennyAndJosh. Along with charts to educate each of us on the art of wines, […]


Abigael’s now at MSG

By Kosher Guru / March 8, 2018

There are a few times within the year I absolutely look forward too. One of them is my annual trip to Madison Square Garden. Yes, it’s the home of the NBA Knicks and like most people in the crowd last night the NHL Rangers. But I went to watch the Winnipeg Jets 🏒 rock it […]


A Taste of Italy on the UWS

By Kosher Guru / March 6, 2018

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to Noi Due Carne located at 141 W 69th Street in Manhattan until now, I know that it opened this past summer. Walking in we were greeted by Golan the owner who by the way is a super nice guy. The restaurant has a trendy cool elegance from the shirts on […]


SOBE Kosher Dinner

By Kosher Guru / February 25, 2018

Since we’re all about #vibes these days, let me tell you about how on point the vibing was at the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Kosher Wine & Food Festival the other night. The ambience couldn’t have been anymore perfect then on the roof top of The Rok Family Shul in Brickell, Miami […]



By Aaron D. Mehlman / August 20, 2017

Another Great Amazing Guest Post this week from National Kosher Supervision –  Executive Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman click the button to read the article


Guru News: Grandma Cooks Gourmet – Get Me That Yuca Now & More

By Kosher Guru / June 29, 2017

Shares In this weeks Guru News we have three different articles for you we are talking about the Grandma Cooks Gourment, we talk about brand new bgan yuca steak fries and yo bars to the max + Kashrus Notice More… Grandma Cooks Gourmet “Grandma Cooks Gourmet” was published in 2016 as a project of Shorashim […]

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