Strawberry rhubarb cups

Strawberry Rhubarb Cups

Summer and the living is easy so that means that anything you do in the kitchen should be too, right?

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Wow were so close! The Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival is 1 week away

Wow were so close! The Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival is 1 week away!
Tickets are selling fast we have only a small batch left!

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Whiskey Jewbilee Event

Whiskey Jewbilee is taking place on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at Studio 450 located at 450 West 31st Street on the 12th floor and on the rooftop penthouse in New York City.

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Roasted Vegetables Recipe

I know this post will seem simple but you have no idea how many fans ask just how you get your roasted veggies looking so exciting. Well let me tell you they really are exciting that I could literally make an entire tray full and within minutes I have little hands grabbing to stuff whatever colorful delights I decided to roast that day.

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Guru News: Diet Fads Come & Go – Easy Made, Easy Rolled & More

Diet Fads Come & Go

Like many in most families we all have some with allergies and have tried so many diets and trends to try and lose weight and hopefully get in shape, we try and jump on the next big fad bandwagon.

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Zohar Kauffman of Bon & Oak is producing another great event for all to enjoy!ö

Zohar Kauffman of Bon & Oak is producing another great event for all to enjoy!

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JOIN US FOR SHAVUOS 2017 with celebrity foodie host Kosher Guru or for an affordable Kosher Cruise!

Destinations Kosher Programs now brings you Affordable Kosher Cruises, Summer in the Catskills and of course, Pesach and Shavuos 2017 at Honor's Haven Resort and Spa!

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Guru News – Kosher Crowned – Kosher Goes Public – Egg-Perfectly-Planted & More

We might not be living down south our out west but smoked meats have become so very popular in the New York area and recently amongst kosher patrons it’s all the craze. There are so many individuals purchasing smokers, getting advice on various groups and schmoozing with local butchers to get certain cuts of meats to smoke and enjoy. It has only gotten more intense and real with Brisket King 2017 which took place right after Pesach this year.

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Join me in Florida as I will be hosting the Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes13th Annual Chinese AuctionPre-Shavuos Cheese and Wine Sampling Event on Sunday, May 21

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Stuffed Artichoke Hearts

The past year and a half was super fun eating our way through so many restaurants and trying so many new and exciting trends in the food industry. Well, inside the Kosher Guru house I think it was time to get healthy!

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